Dutch Icesculpture Festival

3.000 m² entertainment! In a large cooled warehouse (-10°C) you will will see a unique winter experience. Be surprised by enchanting themed worlds and over 100 ice sculptures. From famous world wide stories. Such as Winnie The Pooh and Tarzan. We wish you lots of fun!

Opening hours
Every day from 10.00 to 17.30 (Close on Monday on mondays except for the holidays. Closed on 31 december and 1 january).
€ 14,50
€ 11,50
65+ (Adults over 65)
€ 10,00
Kids between 4-10 years
Baby's 0-3 years
Combination ticket with the train
€ 28,00 >> www.spoordeelwinkel.nl

Above prices include access to the food court. All tickets are valid for the entire event periode up and till 4th March 2018.

Warm clothes

Warm mittens, thick socks, a wool cap, a nice scarf ... You will need them when you bring a visit to the Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival. To keep the ice sculptures in top condition, it is 8 to 10 degrees below zero in the room where the statues. So make sure you're good and especially warm dressing when you visit the festival.


Dogs are allowed to come when they are on a strap. Please make sure your dog is not urinating on the icesculptures or anywhere else inside.