What are the Opening Hours?

  • Are my purchased tickets all days valid until March 5th 2017?


  • Should I buy tickets in advance or can also at the box office?


  • Where can I park and what are the costs?
  • The event is easily accessible by public transport?

    Yes. You just take te train to Amsterdam ArenA station. From central station Amsterdam this will only take 14 minutes.

    You can even take the Metro (Line 54 toward Gein) from the Central station in Amsterdam. This will also only take 14 minutes.


  • There are special prices if you come by train?
  • Is it possible to visit the Square Hospitality, regardless of Dutch ice sculptures Festival?
  • May I take pictures of the ice sculpture?
  • Who can I contact for questions about my ticket / entry ticket?
  • Is there a possibility pay by pin?
  • Do the ice sculptures melt in warmer weather?
  • If I leave the hall of the ice sculptures, can I be back again?
  • Are dogs allowed?
  • Is it possible to use without having to visit the ice sculptures of the hospitality industry?
  • Is Dutch ice sculptures festival including Christmas and New Year open?
  • I want to come with a group, can I?
  • How long do I stand in line before I can go in?
  • Can I scan the tickets on my mobile phone?
  • I ordered tickets but not yet received
  • What is the maximum number of cards you can buy at a time?
  • Is it possible to pay from abroad?
  • Can I change the baby on the event?
  • Is it allowed to take your own food and drinks with you?
  • Is there more to do in the region?
  • Have you lost something?
  • Are lockers available during Dutch ice sculptures Festival?
  • Is it possible to visit Dutch ice sculptures festival with medical conditions?